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Peaches feels the cream

If you don’t know Peaches, you should.
Peaches real name is Merrill Beth Nisker. Canadian born, she now lives in Berlin, Germany. She’s a musician and performance artist and the person everybody’s talking about when the question asked is: where the **** is Rock’n’Roll?.
Peaches sound is indeed Rock and Roll. But it’s also electro dance music with a wild rythm. Is it indie stuff? Well yeah. The sound is so well crafted but so strangely thought of that you cannot say that it’s pure and plain pop music you’re earing. And also because its power goes way beyond the pop music standards.
To say that Peaches is the future of Rock and Roll may seem a too strong and blunt statement. She surely is Rock and Roll in this future that we call present.
She uses sexually explicit lyrics. She puts the pure raw power of Rock and Roll in her performances. She can be light and plain simple as she can be complex and hard. She is funny and ironic (maybe more than the average Rock band). Still, she is able to do it with a rythm that will push you to dance.
The awkward costumes she wears are a registered mark of the Peaches concept. The sex driven songs, the sexual humour, the irony, the questioning of the traditional gender norms and the punk attitude are also very Peaches.
Her latest release is ‘I Feel Cream’ and we see it as one more essencial record out there for you to grab, chew and spit it up if you feel the need to.
Basically, Peaches ROCKS.

Peaches website here.

Check out these cool video clips from Peaches (from the ‘I Feel Cream’ album):

The ‘I Feel Cream’ record cover:

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The Legendary Tigerman and 'Femina'

This is one of the coolest records that came out lately.
Maybe this was done to be that way. But maybe things turn out better than they should. Sometimes that happens.
This is a solo project. A one man show. On stage he plays the guitar, the drums and the harmonica.This guy’s name is Paulo Furtado. During 90’s he started a rockabilly band named The Tedio Boys in his hometown Coimbra, Portugal. This band endured the rockabilly conceptualism but carried a lot of the punk anarchism and rebellion. These Tedio Boys changed the scene back then out of the outrageous concerts and a totally ‘in your face attitude’. They even toured the U.S. as they sought after the american dream.
After the Tedio Boys phase he evolved to the Wraygunn project. This new life was much more soft and soulful. This Wraygunn band had a strict classic soul rock thing. Still, they were not as brilliant as The Legendary Tiger Man.
The Legendary Tigerman thing began in 2002 and had a few records issued by small labels but in 2009 Paulo signed a deal with EMI and ‘Femina’ came out.
This ‘Femina’ record is truly interesting. It’s a cool and sober cooperation with several feminine characters. It’s a duets record that joins Paulo with the likes of Peaches, Asia Argento, Becky Lee, Maria de Medeiros, Rita Redshoes, Lisa Kekaula, Claudia Efe, Phoebe Killdeer, Cibelle and Mafalda Nascimento.

The sound is a mix of delta blues, soul, pure ol’50’s Rock and Roll, desert rock on lsd, progressive indie paced rythms and something else that results in a cool vibe no matter how you listen to it. This is good.
The cover photos were shot by the highly praised photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. Both the photos and the concept are awsome.
This is definately a record worth listening. If you play this cd chances are you’ll look cooler and definately impress the girls as you display the least expected sensibility. But that’s not intentional. The sound is cool but not done cool just by concept or to impress the girls. It’s just the way it is because it is that way. Got it? This is really cool stuff that will draw your attention. This is fresh fruit from an old tree.
Enjoy it on your stereo. We don’t have the highly produced video clips to show. Nonetheless, check out some of them down below:

This is a mix of a short film and video clip directed by the Tiger Man himself:

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"Food Inc." You got to see it!

You got to see this movie.
This is about the way our eating habits have drastically changed for the worse and how money driven is the food industry in America. This will shock you and hopefully will change your life.
The facts and figures shown here will amaze you and will give you a totally new perspective about what’s happening around you and how it will end up changing your life. Its a guided tour to the food industry and its strategic plan to gain the most out of your ignorance and recklessness towards what you eat and the way you eat it.
This is a brief description about this movie that you can read in its website:

“In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation’s food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. We have bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, herbicide-resistant soybean seeds, even tomatoes that won’t go bad, but we also have new strains of E. coli—the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We are riddled with widespread obesity, particularly among children, and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults.”

This documentary won some awards but is strangely out of the media scope and it really seems that it’s on purpose. The importance of this documentary is vital. This is a wake up call for all of us regarding the way we live/eat and the consequences of our choices.
It is also a huge menace to the current way of profit of the corporations that rule the food industry.
This said, you be the judge.
Check the trailer here:

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Craig Wedren's Lapland

Christmas is coming but this has nothing to do with it. Don’t have a clue why Craig Wedren decided to name this record ‘Lapland’ but he certainly had his reasons.
Nonetheless I felt somewhat rewarded after buying this record. Just like a kid who was offered a really neat christmas present.
This album was released back in 2005 on Team Love records. Most definitely that the fact of being issued in a small independent record label had something to do with the poor media coverage that was given to this album.
This means that few of of us noticed this release. Maybe the ones that were more aware of it were the old Shudder To Think fans (like myself) that kept desperatly waiting for some new stuff.
This Craig Wedren’s solo album is close to any of the Shudder to Think records. Yes, Craig sings in it. Yes, the strange and beautiful rock melodies are there. Yes, the unique post-hardcore sound that defined STT is present. Still, this record is a bit softer than the STT typical sweet rudeness. Moreover, and as paradoxal as it may seem, this record rocks in a way I never thought possible. As a matter of fact, it keeps playing over and over in my stereo and in my car audio. Just can’t get enough of it.
Songs like ‘Born curious’, ‘Wanna drive?’, ‘Fifteen minutes late’ and ‘One man’s heart’ are too great to be forgotten. These songs are part of me now and I’ll always feel better every time I hear them.
The whole record is a gem.
One thing that makes me sad is the lack of quality videos available in the internet on these songs. There is one video clip for ‘Born curious’ but recorded in a really low quality (image and sound).
That shouldn’t be enough to keep you away from this awsome record.
The cover of this record shows a girl in a bed. It’s an image that lead you to the concept of intimacy. And that also a very good way to describe this record. It’s a very personal and intimate set of songs.
Shudder to Think were major influences to a lot of people. Jeff Buckley once said that SST was his favourite band. Sure that ‘Lapland’ would have been on Jeff’s favourite records list.
Highly recommended.

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USB 3.0 means Super Speed but…

USB 3.0 is a major upgrade to the USD 2.0 standard. It is a good thing when your are able to transfer your data from your computer to your external hard drive (and vice-versa) at a super speed (10x faster than the usual USB 2.0 speed).
But this is not that simple. The first time I’ve heard about the USB 3.0 super speed I got really happy and start thinking about buying an external USB 3.0 hard drive in order to do my data transfers at a faster pace.
Most of us know what it is to transfer big files from one place to the other. We all want it to be as fast as possible. And it never is.
So USB 3.0 Super Speed can indeed make the data transfer delays a thing of the past. The new standard is as fast as promised but the practical results are not as satisfying.
This is so because it will take some time to difuse the new USB 3.0 standard to all parties in the industry.
Take this example. Just a week ago I’ve bought a Toshiba NB 250 netbook to easily carry my personal data. So to transfer my data from my PC to my new Toshiba netbook cannot be done using the new USB 3.0 standard. Why is that? Well, my netbook has no USB 3.0 ports (just USB 2.0 ports) and no express card adapter port to get the USB 3.0 working.
Check this video below and you’ll know exactly what I’m telling you.

So there are some USB 3.0 components arriving the market (the most visible ones being the external hard drives) but there is no full compliance until the industry adapts the new standard completely.
Nowadays you get some few notebooks that are USB 3.0 enabled. Some motherboard makers are starting to show off some new USB 3.0 ready motherboards, but this will be a slow change taking place.
Some devices, such as keyboards and mice, won’t benefit from USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Other products, such as digital cameras, camcorders and media centers, will; Still, you haven’t seen the new standard as difused as we would like to in the consumer electronics industry.
My need for an external hard drive will be satisfied with the purchase of a good USD 2.0 hard drive. Maybe, if the money difference is acceptable, I’ll buy a USB 3.0 drive. I will not be able to benefit from the super speed now. It will work at 2.0 speeds. But hopefully I’ll have the bucks (and the need) for a USB 3.0 notebook in the near future.

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Snowy Winter Photography

For some of us, winter is a season that we might try to avoid as much as possible. However, it is a season not to be underestimated and can be beautiful in its own way as much as the remaining seasons. The bright snow and monochromatic tones can make very interesting photos. Winter is a special time for photographers who enjoy the challenges and the rewards that come along with winter photography. In today’s post we have gathered some wonderful pictures made by talented photographers and artists — Enjoy!

Happy Winter Solstice day
351 in Snowy Winter Photography

Staying Together
47 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Day
510 in Snowy Winter Photography

The White Wisdom
25 in Snowy Winter Photography

310 in Snowy Winter Photography

Chapel in Winter
62 in Snowy Winter Photography

The Endpoint
17 in Snowy Winter Photography

Last Ray of Light
73 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Light and Shadow
94 in Snowy Winter Photography

Midwinter Dream – Photo PB1967
103 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Hangs On
112 in Snowy Winter Photography

Enter the Winter Wonderland
122 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Brightness
132 in Snowy Winter Photography

141 in Snowy Winter Photography

Snowed In
151 in Snowy Winter Photography

Coming Down
161 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Panorama
171 in Snowy Winter Photography

Park in Winter Morning
18 in Snowy Winter Photography

Snowed In
19 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter in Sweden
201 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Morning
211 in Snowy Winter Photography

The winter…
421 in Snowy Winter Photography

Deep in the Black Forest
251 in Snowy Winter Photography

Chartreuse’ Winter
81 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Idyll
221 in Snowy Winter Photography

Lost in the Snow
261 in Snowy Winter Photography

“Slippery without My Snow Shoes!”
271 in Snowy Winter Photography

A Calm Winter Landscape
281 in Snowy Winter Photography

Can you find your bike?
301 in Snowy Winter Photography

Eagle Lake Sunrise
321 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Surprise II
331 in Snowy Winter Photography

Crater Lake, Winter
341 in Snowy Winter Photography

The tree that refused to believe it was winter
361 in Snowy Winter Photography

Like a Dream
291 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Apple
371 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Freight on Salt Creek Trestle
381 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Wonderland
391 in Snowy Winter Photography

Stairway to Winter
401 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter on the city3
411 in Snowy Winter Photography

Snowleopard (C)
431 in Snowy Winter Photography

West Virginia Gristmill Waterfall Winter Snow
441 in Snowy Winter Photography

Cold Winter
451 in Snowy Winter Photography

Holding the Snow Ball
311 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Solstice
461 in Snowy Winter Photography

Gold Lake Winter Reflection
471 in Snowy Winter Photography

Bikeless Winter in Amsterdam
481 in Snowy Winter Photography

Snow walking on Brunswick Avenue (Toronto)
491 in Snowy Winter Photography

Colours in the Winter
501 in Snowy Winter Photography

511 in Snowy Winter Photography

Ice land
521 in Snowy Winter Photography

Kiilopää – Lapland
531 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Sunset
541 in Snowy Winter Photography

Winter Sun II
231 in Snowy Winter Photography

Below Zero
241 in Snowy Winter Photography

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Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

An eye-catching and original poster is very important for any major success of a movie. You will most probably agree that it is a pretty hard task to embody the plot in one single poster. Of course you can use such powerful tools like typography, colors and protagonist faces but still you have to know the secret formula for mixing all these things the right way.

Nowadays there are many talented artists that create real masterpieces for the filmmaking industry. Modern technologies provide a huge variety of superb tools and impressive effects thought it is not that easy to find really unique works. Today we will talk about some common features that are typical for movie posters created in 2010. It was a real challenge to mark out some features that would be typical for more than 2-3 movies, so you might have your own opinion and we would be more than glad to hear it!

Typography Mixed with Characters’ Faces

One of the best techniques that are used this year – just take a look at “Salt” and “Red” posters. As you can see, a great combination of eye-catching typography with actors’ faces is a very successful method that attracts well along with a fresh and remarkable solution.

Who is Salt
Who-is-salt-poster Noupe in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

REDRed-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Stone-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

From Paris With LoveFrom-paris-with-love-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Client 9Client-9-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

National symbols

It was strange to find that there are only a few posters that have been created which feature national flags. Here we’ve found five movies that provide original posters with mostly American “stars & stripes” and plus one point for our friends from the Netherlands (The Tillman Story).

Kick-AssKick-ass-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

I Want Your MoneyI-want-your-money-posters1 in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

The Tillman StoryThe-tillman-story-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Zombies of Mass DestructionZombies-of-mass-destruction-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Ghetto PhysicsGhettophysics-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

White Clean Style

Looks like this design trend has slightly migrated from web design to the filming industry because we ignore the fact of popularity of white clean websites. Of course this trend is not that new – we can see many similar works that were published in the last decade, but 2009 still doesn’t have that many white and clean posters compared to 2010.

CreationCreation-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

All Good ThingsAll-good-things-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Black SwanBlack-swan-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

For Colored GirlsFor-colored-girls-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

GreenbergGreenberg-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Deep Blue colors

Another trend connected with colors is represented by the deeply blue posters. Few of these have obvious reasons to be blue (sky and water are blue) but the others actually could have any other color scheme. Though we must admit that the blue color scheme has also been very successful.

The Last AirbenderThe-last-airbender-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

DaybreakersDaybreakers-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

SkylineSkyline-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

HereafterHereafter-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’HooleLegend-of-the-guardians-the-owls-of-gahoole-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

OceansOceans-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Old School Style

Well, vintage will always be fancy and cool because you know it’s vintage! A year by year we can observe many wonderful movie posters performed with excellent retro techniques that make our hearts and souls remember something that was long time ago and say “those were the days!” We will probably have more and more vintage posters every year and have a great number of posters worth to be featured under the Retro trend.

Night Catches UsNight-catches-us-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

RunawaysRunaways-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Thunder SoulThunder-soul-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

TacwacoresTacwacores-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Happy TearsHappy-tears-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010


The last category is the most popular this year because (according to our research) there are so many posters with collages that it was hard to pick up the five best. This is great technique because it allows presenting a huge number of actors into one poster and illustrating the most interesting scenes of the forthcoming film.

BabiesBabies-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Helena from WeddingHelena-from-wedding-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

High LifeHigh-life-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Kids Are All RightKids-are-all-right-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

Mother and ChildMother-and-child-posters in Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

These were the design trends that we have traced in the best movie posters of 2010 – Please let us know in case we have missed a good one and which 2010 movie is worth watching!

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World Government

Conspiracy theory? Persecution mania? I dont think so. The fact is that most of uf stumble upon facts and figures that give a completely different perspective on reality. Also need to emphasize that a substantial effort is needed to perceive this reality. We see it like an iceberg. The most you explore, the bigger (and clearer) it gets.
There is a major issue that we must address here: Our lives and the future ahead of us.
This may seem a strange, out of context and even uninteresting statement. The reason for such a perspective may be related to the fact that we have a proper educational experience designed to create distrated and frighten individuals that can be easily manipulated. And the forms of manipulation we see the most nowadays are all linked with suggestion. This will lead us to the point of doing the things we are supposed to do just because we want or feel the need to.
This last text segment may seem awkward but I’ll give it straight to you: We are being led to slaughter as a result of a planned agreement done by a world elite that seeks financial wealth thru a media orchestrated set of events that push the masses to act accordingly to the plan. There you have it. Is this a blunt statement or what? But I’ll substantiate this statement with information still available.
The war on terror, the new economical monetary unions, the endless war policy endorsed by the U.S., the economical fear imposed by the new financial crisis (like the one we are all suffering from now and that started with the subprime crisis), the poverty trend, the governments illiteracy policies disguised as the opposite and highlighted by the media accordingly are not random and natural events. They are part of a world domination plan that will bring us to the World Government concept that Paul Warburg (Council on Foreign Relations and architect of the Federal Reserve system) described in 1950 and David Rockefeller (Private Banker, Council on Foreign Relations) confirms in 1991.
People that defy or somehow bring fragility to this plan are hunted down, discredited, arrested under the most strange and hilarious arguments. Doesn’t matter how silly or uncanny the arguments are. The main goal is to diminish, discredit, erradicate, arrest and obliterate the ones with critical thoughts that may reveal the basic aspects of the plan. Believe me. We are the expendable part. The weakest link. Nonetheless, we are not the weakest link. That idea is cultivated by the media in order to manipulate the masses and we will march to slavery unless we awake from this induced coma we live in nowadays.
There are hundreds (not to say thousands) of cases where the individual though is forced to bow under the mainstream opinion. There is no place for truth anymore. People that resist and fight this status quo (like the recent case of Julian Assange, Director of the Wikileaks website) are hunted and forced into obscurity. Julian Assange is nowhere to be found due to death threats and legal actions that have been risen to block his moves. He’s even being discredited by legal actions that suddenly come to life in order to undermine his work.
This article is not aimed to your soft spot or has anything to do with a fictionary tale.
Check out the videos below and think a little bit about it. And if you have the strength in you, fight for our rights.

PS: There’s a recent smalltok article on the latest Wikileaks/Julian Assange moves tht you can see here.

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Wikileaks makes the news…

We have talked about Wikileaks and Julian Assange in the past. We were somewhat shy and afraid of being a target for censorship then. Today things have not changed. As a matter of fact, things tend to get tougher as Wikileaks opens a new chapter in the public awareness of sensitive information by publishing hundreds of thousands of documents that detail the secret diplomatic interactions between the U.S.A. and several other countries.
This past week-end a big load of secret documents was published on the Wikileaks site. This now public information is what governments try so hard to keep secret.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was swift on commenting this event saying that it “puts people’s lives in danger, threatens our national security and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems,”. And she adds “This disclosure is not just an attack on America’s foreign policy, it is an attack on the international community, the alliances and partnerships, the conventions and negotiations that safeguard global security and advance economic prosperity.”
These classified documents were published on Wikileaks website but also acquired in advance by five major newspapers in Europe and the United States. (The New York Times, The Guardian of the UK, El Pais of Spain, Le Monde of France, and Der Spiegel of Germany.)
This information shows clear and solid evidence that:
(a) Saudi King Abdullah pressed the U. S. to attack Iran to halt its nuclear program, warning that if Tehran were to go nuclear, other countries in the region would, too.
(b) The United States keeps bombers ready to strike al Qaeda targets in Yemen if “actionable intelligence becomes available.” and shows Yemen goverrnment as pupets on the strings of the U.S. officials.
(c) The U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe predicted in July 2007 that President Robert Mugabe would soon be out of power, saying, “The End is Nigh.” Mugabe remains in power but under an agreement with the former opposition.

We can also atest what seems to be an order from Clinton to American diplomats to engage in intelligence-gathering.
The Hillary Clinton order directs her envoys at embassies around the world to collect information ranging from basic biographical data on diplomats to their frequent flyer and credit card numbers, and even “biometric information on ranking North Korean diplomats.” U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is also targeted by this Clinton order.
This is indeed a hard blow to the U.S. foreign policy efforts. Clinton needs to be worried. Some of the most sensitive classified information about the U.S. foreign policy is now out in the open.
Wikileaks and Julian Assange are under siege. There is a atempt to block every move of Assange and the Wikileaks website. The bank accounts have been targeted, the website is being attacked in order to shut it down and someone is trying to pin point Julian Assange in order to limit is every move.
This is the price to pay when you defy such a powerful organization as the U.S. government. Still, the people deserves the truth.
Don’t be force fed. Think out of the box and filter the propaganda.
The war for your head has just began.

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